The best temporary space solution: Portacabin or Marquee?

We’re often approached by our construction clients to create additional space where they’re either unable to source a portacabin or site requirements mean that it’s not possible to install one. This prompted us to do a comparison, looking at which is the best temporary space solution…

Speed to Site

Ideally you will be ordering your temporary space solution with plenty of time. But in some cases, things need to happen quickly, we understand that. Looking at most portacabin hire sites, typical lead times are 5-10 days. If you need a big space (multiple units), it may take even longer.

Most of our marquee installations take place the next day. Many of our temporary structure solutions also require no ground works prior to installation, meaning no delays.


Delivering a portacabin requires a hi-ab unit – a HGV lorry with a crane attached. This means two issues: space and weight. Lots of space, including going up, is needed to get a portacabin on to a site. There’s a great diagram showing what we mean here.

Using a marquee as a temporary structure is the complete opposite. It can often be installed in tight spaces and areas with limited access, as it’s installation is not constrained by having to use a hi-ab or require access for a heavy goods vehicle. Nor constrained by different types of ground (whether this be grass or hard standing, such as a car park). This can often mean we can create additional space in traditionally awkward areas of sites or areas that present particular challenges. This could include roof tops or corridors during refurbishment works. Everything we need fits in the back of a transit!

Carbon Footprint

HGV vs. Transit van….


Due to the modular design of our temporary structures, they can be enlarged or specification adapted over a period of time should the requirements of your side and or project adapt with the test of time. Delivered and installed in hours.

Adding to a portacabin, at the very least, requires the removal of a wall panel, plus the delivery of a new unit.

To ensure that you can continue your work in a safe temporary environment, we are also able to fit these with a wide range of power supplies, heating and ventilation (both permanent and temporary as required).


To ensure we create safe, Covid-19 secure spaces, we are able to create space that allows for full social distancing (to 2m where required). In addition, R10 slip resistant floors for where a washable slip resistant floor is required. In addition, we are able to include social distance signage, hand sanitiser stations and screens (as required) to all structures.

To be fair, all of this can be done with a portacabin too.

Portacabin or Marquee – you decide

Whilst this could be seen as a slightly(!) biased article, we believe that the flexibility of a marquee-based temporary space solution, the ability to get it on-site quickly and a far-reduced carbon footprint makes the marquee the better choice. It is, of course, up to you to choose, but at least if you have read this, we’ve provided you with the options available to you. Portacabin or marquee – you decide!

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