The story behind Trafalgar Structures

Marquees aren’t just for parties!

Space is something we all need, for differing reasons and for differing lengths of time. The Covid pandemic has certainly proved that to us. Whilst the amount of office space needed shrunk, almost to nothing, space was needed elsewhere:

  • Schools needed more space to socially distance pupils and staff
  • Construction sites needed more space, providing canteens, changing areas and storage facilities.
  • Anywhere people still needed to work, in a way that could be spread out, needed more space.

As vaccination levels increase, we start returning to normality, but the need for temporary space continues.

Trafalgar Structures was formed to help businesses, schools, pubs and many others to get the temporary space they need, whether that is for a week, a year or even more

Constructing a marquee for a topping out ceremony in central London
Image of a marquee being assembled to provide temporary space for manufacturing and construction companies

Trafalgar Structures – providing temporary space for extended periods of time.

Whatever you need more space for, Trafalgar Structures can:

  • deliver and assemble quickly
  • Move and adapt the space as needed on-site
  • disassemble and remove in line with your schedule

Whether you need the space for a week, a month or even a year, we know we can help.

Find out more

To discuss your temporary space needs. whether for a school or college, a construction site or a retail unit, call us on 01932 620 060 or click the button and we will call you.

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