When you need temporary space, for storage, changing rooms or canteen space, give us a call. Our experience of delivering marquees for construction projects, for multiple leading construction companies, has taught us a level of professionalism that ensures all our staff follow the highest level of safety standards.

These measures include:

  • Covid-19 compliant build & de-rig.
  • Full risk assessment and method statement.
  • All staff completed MUTA safety training programme.
  • Separate access and egress points.
a marquee being used on a construction site as a canteen for the workers

Some of our construction clients

inside of marquee on construction site being used as a canteen

We supply a plethora of temporary structures for the construction sector that span a wide range of hire periods (from one month upwards) and uses. We can also assist you with shorter term hires (just a few days) for topping out ceremonies and ground breaking ceremonies as required.

Uses for our temporary structures and buildings include:

  • Workshops
  • Canteens
  • Drying rooms
  • Warehousing
  • Office space
  • Security control rooms

An important part of our role is to maintain our temporary structures and ensure they continue to meet our high structural standards for the duration of their hire. Working with Multiplex in Marble Arch, we provide monthly inspections and our catering units for Costain are inspected and serviced on a weekly basis. Our main aim is to be flexible allowing us to meet your demands whilst providing a safe service.

Marquees for workshops

When you need specialist machinery on-site for your construction project, you don’t want it, and your team, exposed to the elements. Add a marquee to provide the protected space you need.

Marquees for canteens

Your construction crews need somewhere they can eat, drink and relax during their breaks. Hiring a marquee is a great way to provide that space. From just 3m x 3m to as big as you want, and with the heating, lighting and flooring you want to make the space inviting and comfortable.

Marquees for changing rooms

Your teams can get mucky when working on site for the day, particularly if the weather is less than pleasant. Give them a space to change, so they don’t need to travel to and from your construction site in their work gear.

Marquees for warehousing

Construction material prices can very dramatically, so it can make sense to buy in bulk ahead of time. If that material is weather-sensitive (wet wood is not good to anyone), you need somewhere to store it. Putting a marquee on-site can give you the flexible space you need for storing construction materials.

Marquees for drying rooms

If the weather is unpleasant, providing your construction crews with space to dry their work gear makes their life much easier. Carting home wet clothing, especially if you have an urban construction site, isn’t pleasant.

Marquees for office space

The traditional method of putting office space onto a site is using a portacabin, but marquees are more flexible (have whatever size and configuration you need), easier to move and just as easy to secure and make comfortable.

Calculate the cost

Use our calculator to find out how much hiring a your desired marquee will cost.

Images from other construction projects

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