Lots of bedrooms but a small function room? A marquee can help…

Increase your event space and revenue with a marquee

If you’re running a successful hotel or any venue with accommodation, you’ll be looking forward to the coming months, which are peak event season. Weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, work dos and more are all back on the agenda this year.

Guests love a party with onsite accommodation but many hotels have plenty of bedrooms but not enough function space to match. So, this is the ideal time to capitalise on all these potential new customers and encourage guests not only to visit but to stay the night as well. And that’s where our elegant marquees can help…

Create more function space

A small event space will obviously limit the size of the events you can hold, and fewer guests means fewer overnight bookings. A marquee is the ideal way to add additional space and maximise your revenue, as larger events will undoubtedly lead to more bedrooms being booked, too.

Something to suit every venue

Our marquees come in all shapes and sizes to suit any space and installing them takes just a few hours, meaning you start recouping revenue quickly. We can build our structures in your car park, your garden, over decking or they can be attached to your main building or existing function space, so nobody gets wet when bad weather arrives. We can even put them on your rooftop!

Even the trickiest space, one with limited access, can be covered with a temporary, bespoke structure. Plus it’s the ideal way to create space that’s tailored to your exact needs. Space that’s the perfect size and in the perfect location.

Heating, lighting and decor options

Once your marquee is up there are a wide range of choices when it comes to heating, lighting, flooring and decor, which can be added as needed. We can also supply hand sanitising stations and furniture, if required.

Great value, long-term hire

You can hire our marquees for as long as you want, meaning you can have one in place throughout the whole year, if required. A marquee is also great value for money, given the increased revenue it will generate through party and overnight bookings. For example, a marquee big enough to seat 100 people can be as little as £400 per week for the summer season, depending on your exact requirements. Then, when party season is over, a marquee can come down just as quickly as it went up!

Book early

Lastly, booking early is key. To guarantee that perfect event space, get in touch as soon as you can. We can supply and put up our marquees in as little as 48 hours, if required, but to guarantee the marquee you want at the right time, it’s best to book early. Our peak times are usually April to September and over the Christmas period. So, if you want to maximise your event space, your room bookings and your revenue in these months, give us a call!

Contact us on 01932 620060 and we’ll work with you to find exactly the right marquee for your business. Alternatively, make a start with our clever marquee calculator for an initial idea of costs.

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