Long term marquee hire for festival and concert organisers

Temporary Space makes life easier

Festivals and concerts run from a few days to a few weeks. If you are running one in the near future, our marquees will provide all the space you need.

  • Changing rooms or green room space for performers.
  • Performance space to provide a range of different stages
  • Space for bars and restaurants
  • Protection from the UK’s weather

Whilst the general public may be at a festival for a short period of time, we know how much work goes into getting everything ready. We’ll make sure the marquees are erected at the right time, fitting into your planning schedule.

We have significant experience in reacting to ever-changing sites and environments and understand that being able to react quickly to your needs with professional communication and providing solutions to your requirements is key. Turnaround on all logistics, sometimes being within 24 hours or lead times of months, the variety is endless, but a huge opportunity of a challenge for our team to step up and be a part of.

Our structures come in varying sizes with the addition of varying fit outs and control systems to suit all needs, budgets and timeframes.

To organise marquee hire for your next festival or concert, click here or call us, on 01932 620 060

long term marquee hire for festivals

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