Extra space… you need it, we have it!

Whatever type of business you run, your main priority should be doing just that, running the business. So, when it comes to the question of creating extra space, we don’t expect you to know what kind of space you need, how big it should be or even how long you want it for. That’s what we’re here for! All you need to know is that you need more space, we’ll do the rest.

Room for your business to grow

We supply various types of semi-permanent structure to a huge selection of different industries. This includes everything from construction, agriculture and manufacturing to schools, retail, hospitality and the entertainment sector.

These industries also use our structures in a huge variety of ways..

Storage space

If your business is approaching a peak trading time, or you are simply getting busier than ever, adding storage space can really help. You could use something like Big Yellow Storage, but its much easier when that additional space is on your site.

If you’re thinking about security, don’t worry. Our temporary buildings are all secure and we can provide alarms and CCTV.

Workshop space

As you get busier putting more people and equipment into a workshop brings issues. You are much better off expanding the space and putting the additional equipment and people in there.

Additional event rooms

Hotels, conference centres and restaurants have busy periods throughout the year. If you are turning down business because you have no more space, why not add some more. Many temporary buildings and marquees need little, if any, planning permission, meaning they can go up quickly and let you generate more business quickly.

Classrooms and lecture spaces

Whether you’re adding to the curriculum or accepting more students, a marquee or temporary building can be added to give you the space you need. Recent projects for LSEC Bromley and The University of Arts show how we’ve helped them with the additional space they needed.

Exhibition venues

As we continue out of the impact of the Covid lockdowns, exhibitions and trade shows are seeing more and more exhibitors and larger crowds attending. You don’t want to squeeze more stands into existing space (the experience isn’t great when you do), but adding more space is easy.

Sports halls

Whether for a particular tournament or adding to a school’s space, our temporary buildings make great sports halls. Changing rooms and breakout spaces can quickly be added as well.

Restaurant & bar extensions

The 4-6 weeks of the festive season are critical for bars and restaurants. Having to put up a “no more room” sign is great on one hand (really busy), but it does mean you’re turning away customers and business.  If you have the space (car parks, gardens etc.), adding a temporary extension gives the added space so you no longer need to turn away bookings.

These are just some examples of how our marquees and temporary buildings can help when you need more space for your business.

More than just marquees…

We’re also way more than just marquees. Our semi-permanent structures come in all shapes and sizes and aren’t limited to what you might think of when you picture the classic marquee. Of course, we have these in abundance, along with stretch tents, but we can also supply secure, semi-permanent structures with solid roofs, glass windows and more.

These are ideal for businesses who want stylish extra space for two, three, four or more years, but don’t want the expense and hassle of constructing a new building. Especially with all the red tape and planning permission requirements that entails.

Our secure and solid structures can easily accommodate office space, storage space, manufacturing space, agricultural space, you name it. They can also be double height or created as grandstands or concert seating, complete with hospitality areas.

Got a nagging feeling that more space is the answer?

So, if you have a feeling that extra space would see your company reach new heights, that’s all you need to know before you pick up the phone. Our expert team will spend time discussing what your business needs, everything from how much space to how long you might want it for, before coming up with plenty of solutions to suit your requirements.

It really is that simple…

Our friendly team are just at the other end of the phone, so why not give us a call on 01932 620060 to talk us through your specific needs? Let us find you the right solution at the right price, so you can sit back, relax and watch your business grow and grow!

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