Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

Name of client:

Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance

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Rental period:

Three month hire then purchase

The Client

Rambert School is currently celebrating its centenary year and plays a key part in the professional dance sector, shaping new generations of dance professionals to the highest standard. A world leading centre for dance training. Taught by industry experts in state-of-the-art studio and theater spaces

The Challenge

As the Covid-19 pandemic developed, the requirement for an additional dance studio became apparent. Rambert approached Trafalgar Structures to consult on the solutions available to them. The area Rambert identified to be ideal was a car park, in close proximity to the school’s other dance studios. The dance studio would require lighting and heating, with a solid floor to allow a specialised dance floor to be installed for the students.

Rambert also asked Trafalgar Structures for our assistance in providing a suitable environment in which the students could be screened for Covid-19 symptoms before entering the school.

The Solution

Trafalgar Structures prepared and presented three solutions to Rambert, with a range of hire or purchase options on a free standing, framed structure. The client opted for a complete package that included heating, lighting, flooring, hard sides, solid doors and a touch free temperature screening device. Due to the structure being located on a car park, and the requirement to not penetrate the ground, Trafalgar opted to secure the structure with concrete weights. This ‘complete’ option also includes an aftercare package from Trafalgar, which includes monthly health and safety inspections.

The Results

Once Rambert had decided which option to move forward with, Trafalgar moved quickly to install the structure. The team built the structure within two days, giving the dance school access to another dance studio, utilising space, already on their grounds.

The Trafalgar team also installed a temperature monitoring access control, which allows the school to screen students’ temperature upon access using non-contact methods.

Trafalgar Marquees really go above and beyond. We purchased a tent from them and the setup was quick and painless and they were able to add all the extras we needed including solid walls and heating. They are always very quick to respond to any query and always come up with the goods. I will be using them again and highly recommend them

Jon Aloia,
Head of Technical
Theatre & Maintenance

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