Using marquees to maximise seasonal sales

Christmas is a key time for many businesses. It’s often when companies in the hospitality or retail sectors make most of their profits and a good festive season can be the difference between a good or bad year.

The right marquee can ensure you make the most of this seasonal business. For example, retailers often need more warehouse/storage space at Christmas for extra stock. Also products often sell faster than they can be delivered, meaning the usual storage space is insufficient. Alternatively, hotels and restaurants will be hosting more customers, alongside lots of Christmas parties. So, the more adaptable, practical space they have available, the better.

Marquees for retailers

Seasonality plays a big part in sales patterns, with Christmas being (for most) the biggest driver of sales throughout the year. Maximising sales means always having the right products available for your customers. That can involve holding a lot of stock at any one time. If you don’t have the space within your store, a marque can provide additional space outside. Our largest marquees are 20m x 95m, so you can store a lot of seasonal stock in there!

Don’t fill every nook and cranny

During peak sales periods, you may be tempted to stack stock anywhere you can. However, this causes other issues around movement and health and safety. Marquees have been used by supermarkets for many years. They’re often positioned in their loading bays and filled with drinks, crackers and other festive favourites. Our smallest marquees are 3m x 3m, so can be installed in the equivalent of less than two parking spaces.

Excellent security

Marquees in supermarkets are protected by the security the supermarkets have in place. However, if you haven’t got a secure loading bay with big metal gates, don’t worry. Today’s marquees can be very secure. If you have the space, a marquee can be fitted with proper doors, solid walls and locks that will protect your stock and ensure it is always available for your customers.

Marquees for tourist destinations

Heading to a National Trust property or similar tourist destination for a tour, followed by a hot drink and a cake in the cafe, is a lovely festive treat for many people. Unfortunately, at this time of year, the weather often makes outside space unusable. That’s where a marquee comes in.

If you run a business that relies on tourism, you don’t need to cover all your outside space with a marquee. However, providing shelter over some of it means tables and chairs can still be used as the weather cools. A marquee with a clear roof and clear side panels is ideal, as it allows customers to enjoy the views in comfort. Plus, we have plenty of heating options to keep the space warm and your visitors toasty.

Marquees for hotels and restaurants

Lastly, this is office party season, and hotels and restaurants will want to maximise on the additional revenue this offers. There will also be extra bookings from seasonal customers who need a hotel while visiting family or who want to enjoy a special meal out with friends.

A marquee offers plenty of adaptable space, so you can take all those great festive bookings, whether you use it as a dedicated party space or simply to add a few extra tables. What’s more, to add some festive atmosphere, you can also have…

  • Clear roof panels to let the night sky in or a beautiful light-up, starlit canopy
  • Various types of flooring can be installed, as well as dance floors
  • We can supply chairs and tables and create break-out areas for people to relax in, away from the dancing.
  • Heating is not a problem. Our hot air heating systems will ensure all your guests are toasty!
  • The entrances and interiors of our marquees can branded with company logos, for a smart professional look at a corporate Christmas do.
  • We’re also the experts when it comes to creating a wide range of exciting party themes and can supply coloured walls, roof linings and matching swags, and even coloured lighting.

When your business relies on maximising revenues with seasonal sales, you need to do everything you can to keep the money flowing in. These are just some of the ways that a marquee can help. For an initial idea of costs try our clever marquee calculator . Then give us a call on 01932 620060, so we can discuss your specific needs and how a marquee can help your business maximise festive sales.

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