How to add space to your hospitality venue and increase revenues

Pubs and restaurants with outside space can finally re-open on April 12th. Those with only indoor space can start recouping lost revenue on the 17th May. This is, of coures, assuming government numbers are met and these dates stay the same.  Here’s how you can add additional space to attract customers back and start the process of regaining lost revenues. 

Outdoor space 

The government is encouraging councils to relax planning restrictions on the use of pavements, car parks and gardens. This is in a bid to help the hospitality industry back onto its feet.  Adding tables for people to sit at or barrels to stand beside will guide social distancing. Anything encouraging people back to your pub or restaurant is good!

Whilst this is a great step forward, the great British weather may have something to say about it. Whilst there will be some who will suffer the wind, rain and chill for their first fresh pint of Guiness, ale or lager, numbers will be down if the weather isn’t on your side. You need to provide shelter, at least from the rain. 

Marquees with no sides are considered by most councils as outdoor space. Have you thought about replacing a few parking spaces with a marquee? It quickly provides additional space and enable your customers to relax, enjoy a meal and a drink or two. Patio heaters can take the chill off too, if needed. Your alternatives are either flimsy (garden gazebos) or expensive (wooden shacks). With the sides open, you can even use this area for smokers! 

As your customers return and you fill up the initial space, the great thing about a marquee is that you can adapt the size quickly and easily. Adding additional panels to increase capacity takes very little time at all. 

Adding indoor space 

Assuming the British public behaves and infection numbers don’t start increasing again, May 17th means you can start selling indoors. If we have the same weather as we did last May (the driest and sunniest on record), alfresco dining will be extremely pleasant. Assuming your local council follows government recommendations, you may be able to really utilise pavement space, as well as any garden space you have.  If not, a marquee can definitely add to your indoor space. Sides on will deliver that indoor feel and keep out the wind. If there is a gap between your doors and where the marquee is sited, we can add a tunnel . You’re then helping both your customers stay “indoors” and help your staff deliver food and drinks to the tables without any issues.  

As before, adapting the size/capacity is easy, ensure you are maximising revenue generation opportunities. 

June 21st 

If all goes well, this is the date where all social distancing restrictions will be removed. Your capacity in your restaurant or pub goes up and the bar is likely to become that favoured location once more. At this point, the great thing about a marquee is that it can come down as quickly as it went up! 

If you do want to keep the additional space to further recoup lost pandemic revenues, you can. The marquee can stay for as long as you want it and your local council will allow. 

When the weather starts to deteriorate again, we can still help. We can provide both insulation and heating to maintain a comfortable environment for your customers. 

So we hope this has given you something to ponder, as a way of being able to recover lost hospitality revenues. If you would like to know more and discuss options, please get in touch. 

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