How to fix a marquee to any surface

If you’re considering hiring a marquee but don’t think you have anywhere to put it, think again. Our huge selection of marquees, in different shapes and sizes, can be fixed to almost any surface. So, whether you have a large grassy area, a car park, a patio or even a roof top (it has been done) then a marquee is a great option for your business or special event. Here’s how we can fix your marquee safely to any kind of surface…

The 5 different ways to secure your marquee

1 Stakes

Heavy duty stakes – imagine very big nails – are mainly used on grassy surfaces to fix the marquee to the ground securely. These are hammered through the footings of the marquee and provide a solid anchor in softer, unpaved areas.

2 Bolts

Bolts are commonly used to secure marquees to solid concrete surfaces. They are suitable for most hard surfaces and are very quick to install. They also take up no additional space. The only downside is that they leave holes in the surface, but these are easily filled once the marquee is taken down.

3 Drill & Resin

Similar to bolts, these are suitable for solid tarmac or concrete surfaces. Bolts are drilled into the ground and given added staying power with resin. Like bolts, this fixing is quick and easy to install but will leave holes that can be easily filled once the marquee is dismantled.

4 Water blocks

Water weights are exactly that, water-filled containers that are secured to the sides of the marquee at regular intervals to help weigh it down. These are a great option if you’d prefer to leave your surface unmarked and they’re very easy to transport and install. They do incur an additional cost and will take up more space than stakes or bolts alone, but they’re also a great way to provide additional protection against strong winds.

5 Concrete blocks

Lastly, we have concrete blogs. As with the water blocks, these are secured at regular intervals around the outside of the marquee. They require additional space but they offer the ultimate protection against bad weather and won’t damage the concrete or tarmac underneath.

So, rest assured, we’ll find the perfect marquee for your needs, with the right fixings, fittings and features to suit your site down to the ground. When our experienced team visit they’ll complete a full risk assessment before making recommendations about exactly what you need. Leaving you free to concentrate on everything else, safe in the knowledge that your marquee will do exactly what you need, when you need it to.

Contact us on 01932 620060 and we’ll work with you to find exactly the right marquee for your business. Alternatively, make a start with our clever marquee calculator for an initial idea of costs.

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