20m marquee used by the University of Arts London
Need More Space?
Long term marquee hire provides the flexible space you need for your business

Need more space?

When you need more space, for a month, a year or even more, a marquee is an ideal solution. Quick to install, a low carbon footprint and ultimately flexible to fit into whatever shape and size space you have available. If your first thought is that long term marquee hire is expensive, you’re in for a pleasant surprise too. You can find out just how affordable they are by using our Cost Calculator here.

Typical uses include:

and many more. You can see more examples of how our clients have used our marquees here.

If you are looking for a marquee for a corporate event or party, please visit our sister site: Marqueehire.co.uk

Clients We’ve Worked With

Why long term marquee hire makes sense

Hiring a marquee when you need more space will help your business in many ways:

  • You get the space you need for as long as you want it, and no more.
  • The wide range of widths and lengths available mean we can put a marquee into, almost, any space.
  • If your needs change, the marquee can be altered, or moved, quickly and easily.
  • The marquee arrives, and leaves, on a small van. No need for a HiAb or other large vehicle.
  • Heating, lighting, flooring and security are all quick add-ons.

To discuss your temporary space needs in more detail, give us a call on 01932 620 060

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