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Additional space for sports clubs

What could you do with some additional, temporary space?

The Covid lockdowns have hit sports clubs hard. Nobody playing meant nobody staying to enjoy a drink or meal afterwards. But with lockdown starting to ease, now is the time to start re-couping what was lost during lockdown.

From April 12th – May 17th, you can only serve drinks and food outside. What if it’s raining or cold? Your members and visitors will be less inclined to stay.

Enhanced outside space

Adding a marquee will give you outside space that your members and visitors can use, come rain or shine. If you ensure they stay dry, they will stay for a drink and/or a meal.

From May 17th, if you wish, we can add the side panels (so it becomes indoor space) and you can treat it as an extension to the clubhouse or pavilion.

We have a proven track record in supplying temporary structures for golf clubs, football clubs and many others.

Our temporary structures can be in place within days. Installing them takes just a few hours, meaning you start recouping revenue quickly. It makes no difference whether we are installing this space in your car park or in your gardens. They can even be attached to your main building, meaning nobody gets wet when inclement weather arrives.

We have a wide range of options available to fit your available space and needs. Heating, lighting and flooring can be added as needed. We can even supply tables and chairs if you need more than you have.

Do get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with additional space, in the form of a temporary structure.

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