No longer can we see our environmental policy as an aside within the business. Like Health & Safety, it is imperative that the environmental concerns are intrinsic to every business decision we take. We are here to operate a successful company for ourselves and our clients, whilst always looking to minimise our impact on the environment or benefit it when possible.


We have a strict recycling process in the office, diverting as much of the waste that we produce from landfill as possible. Bins are clearly marked, and there are posters around the bins and office to help label what can and can’t be accepted.


We try and reuse materials wherever possible, repairing marquee materials such as PVC, floorboards and the aluminium structures. We also try and reuse exhibition carpet around the yard and for other jobs where possible to minimise landfill.


We use low-energy lighting throughout the office, car-share where possible and use the fewest vehicles on our jobs with the minimum weight necessary to complete them to the high expectations of our clients.

All the above achieve both a business aim of reducing unnecessary spending and work together with our environmental aim of minimising our impact. Indeed, we see marquees as already being an efficient way of providing temporary space for clients due to their relative speed to put up and weight compared to alternatives.

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