Marquee hire for pubs

Additional space means happier customers and more revenue

What could you do with some additional space?

Hiring a marquee for your pub, whether long term or short term, has many benefits. The most important of which is keeping your customers happy so they stay longer, or come back more frequently. Both mean they spend more money.

  • More tables, enabling you to serve more guests at the same time.
  • Keep your smokers dry, so they stay longer.
  • Dedicated space for big parties.

Serving more people

A busy pub is a great thing! for you it means you have plenty of customers and a healthy profit. For the customers, there is a great atmosphere. But, for a while, some people will be concerned about a really busy pub. If you provide more space, people can social distance more easily and, those who are concerned, will be happier to come and spend money with you.


We’ve not been able to smoke inside a pub since 2007, but as smokers still spend more money in the pub, it makes sense to look after them. During the summer, it’s fine to go outside, but the rest of the year, give them shelter from the great British weather.

Beer Festivals

If you’re planning on hosting a beer festival, you’ll need extra space for all the extra customers. An “Oktoberfest” style generally means long tables and benches, making it easier for people to move about and drink. Putting up a marquee to shelter them from the weather (and when the temperature drops in the evening) is a great idea.

Dedicated party space

Whether its for a birthday, a hen/stag do or gathering before a wedding in a local church, large groups frequently gather in pubs. It’s great for revenue, but as they can take up a lot of space. So why not have a dedicated space large groups can book – a marquee is ideal for this.

Customised for your pub

Our marquees can be adapted to fit the space you have, whether that’s a big garden or a relatively small yard. We can supply heating, lighting and flooring – even tables and chairs if you need them.

Do get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you provide additional space in your pub and more business for you.

image of a marquee providing temporary space for a hospitality business

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