Marquee flooring

When renting a marquee for a month or more, it makes sense to add flooring, for a number of reasons:

1. Installation

Particularly during the cooler parts of the year, adding marquee flooring keeps the temperature in your marquee higher. Bare ground, of whatever material, can lower temperatures considerably.

Adding flooring provides a layer of insulation between the cold ground and the air in the marquee.

2. Protection from the elements

When it rains, water always seeks the lowest point. That means the rainwater can run across the bare floor of your marquee, particularly if the marquee is on solid ground (not grass). Wet footwear can lead to muddy footprints elsewhere.

3. Comfort

Walking on bare ground or grass isn’t great, particularly if it is uneven. Far better to add hard flooring to create a level, comfortable surface to walk on. It also means any chairs, tables, or other furniture, in the marquee will sit properly. Wobbly tables and chairs are really annoying!

We always recommend you cut the grass just before we erect the marquee too!

4. First impressions

Our customers hire marquees long-term for many reasons. They range from canteens on construction sites to temporary classrooms to exhibition spaces. When people walk into these spaces, a floor (with or without carpet) makes a far better first impression than grass or concrete.

Adding marquee flooring adds a little to the weekly cost, but makes a real difference to the user experience. Whether your users are brickies having their lunch, students in a lesson or business owners looking for new suppliers (others are allowed!), you’ll be glad you added flooring to your marquee.

Flooring types:

We can provide you with a range of flooring types.

Coconut matting

More often used for parties and events, it provides a basic floor covering,

Hard flooring

Most commonly used for long term marquee hires, our wooden flooring provides a flat, solid floor that is hardwearing and suitable for many different uses.


We can provide carpets of many different colours to add that final finish to the marquee floor. If you’re looking for people to think of the marquee as an extension of your building, carpets are ideal.

We know from experience the huge variety of lighting arrangements needed by our customers. Talk to us about how you will be using the marquee and lets work together to ensure you have precisely what you need.

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