Frequently asked questions

How long can I have a marquee?

Our long-term marquee hire rentals start from a month and go on from there. We have some clients who have had a marquee for over a year.

How much does a marquee cost to hire long term?

The cost of long-term marquee hire depends on a number of things:

  • How long you want the marquee for. The longer you have it, the cheaper it becomes per week.
  • Whether you need flooring and lighting. These are optional extras that are available to you, as well as heating.
  • The size of the marquee. Fairly obviously, the bigger it is, the more expensive.
  • How wide you want the marquee. If you have a wider marquee, it is a more complicated project and so the costs are higher. If you need a 20m x 6m marquee, it will be cheaper for you to have it 20m long, and 6m wide, than 20m wide and 6m long.

You can find our cost calculator here.

Can I get flooring for the marquee?

Of course. We provide a range of flooring options for you to choose from. Adding flooring is a great idea, particularly in the winter, as it provides insulation from the ground, keeping people warmer.

What is the best way to heat a marquee long-term?

There are rules and legislation that needs to be considered when providing heat in a long term marquee hire. If you are just providing shelter from the elements, you can use gas heaters, such as patio heaters. However, if the marquee has side panels installed, you cannot use patio heaters, as the sides don’t allow carbon monoxide to escape. We have specialist hot air heaters that can provide all the warmth you need. You can find out more about heating a marquee here.

Can you provide tables and chairs?

Simply put, yes, of course we can. We have a range of different styles of furniture available for you to hire. If we don’t have what you need, we can source it for you.

Do you have insurance cover?

An optional damage waiver is added to all structures quotes, this covers the client against most eventualities subject to our terms and conditions.

Do you have terms and conditions of hire?

Yes, we do. In order to hire our structures out, we follow an industry led set of terms and conditions. This ensures best practice, and required by our insurers. These can be found by under here.

Do you offer your marquees for short-term hire?

Absolutely, we offer structures for events for a few hours, a day, or even an evening. Please see more information on our short-term marquee hires and some case studies of events we have done.

How soon can the marquee for my booking be put up?

We work to ensure that our structures for our clients are put up in a timely manner and we will work alongside you with regards to your deadlines. If you have a tight turnaround time, we can discuss this and how we can work together to get the structure put up as soon as possible. We do recommend that you order your marquee three months in advance, so that you can get what you need. There are times when we are fully booked and you don’t want to miss out.

How soon after my event will the structure be taken down?

For long-term hires, the derig date is at your discretion and subject to the length of time it is booked for your space. We will work alongside you to agree the most appropriate time at the end of the contract to de-rig the structure.

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