Frequently asked questions

Do you have insurance cover?

An optional damage waiver is added to all structures quotes, this covers the client against most eventualities subject to our terms and conditions.

Do you have terms and conditions of hire?

Yes, we do. In order to hire our structures out, we follow an industry led set of terms and conditions. This ensures best practice, and required by our insurers. These can be found by under here.

Do you offer your marquees and structures for long-term hire, i.e. for more than one month?

All of our structure sizes are available for long-term hire, whether you would like the structure up for one, three, six months or even for one year. Please see more information on our long-term hires.

Do you offer your marquees and structures for short-term hire?

Absolutely, we offer structures for events for a few hours, a day, or even an evening. Please see more information on our short-term hires and some case studies of events we have done.

How soon can the structure for my booking be put up?

We work to ensure that our structures for our clients are put up in a timely manner and we will work alongside you with regards to your deadlines. If you have a tight turnaround time, we can discuss this and how we can work together to get the structure put up as soon as possible.

How soon after my event will the structure be taken down?

For long-term hires, the derig date is at your discretion and subject to the length of time it is booked for your space. We will work alongside you to agree the most appropriate time at the end of the contract to de-rig the structure.

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